If you are a social entrepreneur and responsible with the environment, 

Welcome to our team!

We are the first social enterprise that values carbon projects in Peru; we work to generate carbon credits, reduce poverty and minimize the impacts of climate change, we would like you to get involved and work with us.


About us:

  • The microsolinos always try to be innovative, we have the opportunity to work and learn from a pioneer team in developing social Programs with appropriate technologies.
  • We are also constantly looking for solutions to disseminate appropriate technology projects.
  • We are rigorous with the processes development  of the Programs we manage.
  • We also believe in the need to promote social development, so we do every effort to work systematically to achieve this.
  • We collaborate on mitigating the effects of climate change and create favorable living conditions.
  • We do important efforts to spread knowledge, we believe information and capacity building is the basis of a stable and sustainable development.


Join us!