Monitoring campaign of the dry season



From September 15 to October 7 our Qori Q'oncha Programme partners carry out the monitoring campaign of the dry season. This campaign was successfully achieved by 60 pollsters who got around all provinces and districts of Piura, Cajamarca, La Libertad, Huancavelica, Arequipa, Tacna and Cusco.
This monitoring of firewood weigh in field lets to know the real results of firewood saving of cook stoves through a strong survey that is taken three days. In the next months, local projects partners will take the second monitoring campaign of the rainy season. We are grateful to our partners Instituto Trabajo y Familia, Regional Goverment of Arequipa, ProPerú ONG and Regional Goverment of Tacna for the great work and commitment to the sustainable development. 



Date: 05/11/2012