Microsol and Foundation Rexel prepare an feasibility study about electricity and lighting based on renewable energy



From June to December 2013, Microsol and Rexel prepare a feasibility study about the access to electricity and lighting based on renewable energy in the Andean zone. This study researches about solar energy, wind generator, hydroelectric stations, biodigesters and efficient lighting fot he poorest. 
The goal of the study is identify projects that are compatible with the carbon market in order to provide financial support for the partners and to strengthen the sustainability of their projects (maintenance, monitoring, evaluations, etc.). The countries which are included in this study are: Colombia, Ecuadro, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
To ask or give some information, you can put in contact with the study coordinator Emilie Etienne: eetienne@microsol.int.com



Date: 05/08/2013