Awareness initiative for climate change during the feast of France.

Residence of the French Ambassador in Peru, which was organized this14 of July the official reception for the French National Day, was the scene of the implementation of a survey of awareness of climate change by Microsol.
Thus, to measure the impact on the planet that causes the organization of this event, we surveyed some of the participants about the type of transport used to go to the event.

The result shows that the respondents were sensitized to environmental issues, effectively 45% of the guests shared the taxi or private car to come to the reception and up to 6% traveled by public transport, bicycle or walking; this made possible to reduce one-third of CO2 emissions generated by transporting each individual event.

In total 9,607 kilometers were traveled among all 1,260 guests attending the event. Finally, it turned out that the transport of all people to go to the Residence of France accounted almost emissions of 1.98 tonne of CO2 which corresponds to CO2 emissions of a Peruvian in a year or a plane ride between Lima and Paris.

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Date: 25/07/2014