Prior consideration of the carbon issue in the proposed project. The additionality requirement indicates that after the implementation of project activities, emissions will be lower than would have occurred in the scenario for the project.


Carbon Certification

The whole process of international carbon market that involves the presentation of the project organization managing quality standard and accredited consultant, certification, the organization of the national consultation of the parties, negotiation and implementation phases of validation and verification, and the negotiation and implementation of the sale of certified carbon emission reductions.



All phases of the certification process in accordance with best market practices including, in particular, procedures for obtaining the CDM and / or Gold Standard quality label, validation, verification and reporting to the appropriate actors.


Improved stoves

Stoves  that enable energy efficiency and protect the health of its users.


Issuance of certified carbon emission reductions

Act generator of the existence of the certified carbon emission reductions. Action implemented by the organization managing the quality standard at the end of the certification process.


Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement which falls within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It states that industrialized countries except the U.S. who are not participants - reduce emissions of gases contributing to global warming.


Local consultation of the parties or public consultation

Local participatory consultation process following the procedures and requirements of the organization managing the quality standard (Executive Bureau of the UNFCCC or Gold Standard), and which final product is a report governed under that standard.



Activities implemented in accordance with official methods of the carbon market. This involves measurement of greenhouse gases that have been reduced in the project.



Project Design Document submitted by Microsol to Gold Standard in the context of carbon certification.


Project developer

Person or private or public institution that develops projects of appropriate technologies development, e.g. improved cooking stoves, solar panels, small hydroelectric plants, etc.



Phase of quality control of the project’s carbon certification processes, carried out by an accredited consultant.



Control phase of the accuracy of the results presented to the organization managing the quality standard, and of the quality of the information provided. This phase is carried out by a consultant accredited for this function.