Our experience makes us believe , we believe that our approach to create, develop and manage carbon Programmes of Activities (PoA) is efficient and adaptable to most geographic regions, with many different appropriate technologies. Therefore, we turn these proposals to our partners to support them during part or all phases of their PoA implementation.

We divide the implementation process in four main phases for a better understanding of the methodology.


Phase 1: Pre feasibility

This initial phase aims to provide a first idea about the overall potential of the project. It contains two main parts:

1. Adequacy of appropriate technology to local needs:

  • Overview of what local needs could be (study of the local context).
  • Overview of the conditions under which the technology could meet identified needs.

2. Technology eligibility to specific criteria for the carbon projects:

  • Overview of how the project could meet the requirements of international carbon markets as well as the requirements of quality standards.


Summary of the results submitted by Microsol at the end of phase 1 

At the end of Phase 1, the recommendation to continue or not to Phase 2 of the carbon recovery process is submitted. If the recommendation is positive, we detail more accurately the following issues:

  • Choice of project or Programme of Activities.
  • First level of feasibility conditions.
  • First level of recommendations.