Our programmes of activities are designed to be used by all projects developers that have one or more eligible projects.

The eligibility criteria are different from a technology/activity to another and from one country to another. However, there are general criteria that all projects must respect:



Requirements have been defined to ensure the quality of projects that integrate a Programme of Activities of Microsol:



  • The right technology enables energy savings.
  • The beneficiaries participate in the construction.


  • It reaches the minimum volume required.
  • Carbon market issue in the design of the project has been integrated before it was funded.
  • Financial resources are allocated in priority to the sustainability of activities.


  • Participation of beneficiaries and civil society.
  • Training of users on proper use and maintenance of proper technology.
  • Awareness of the beneficiaries in health and the environment.


Minimium volumes required to be included in the carbon market