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The Programme of Activities (PoA) Qori Q'oncha is the first improved stove PoA registered in the international carbon market. It values more than 100 000 tCO2e in Peruvian territory. As explained, it was strongly supported by the myclimate Fundation since 2009 until 2013.

It was the first Programme of Activities registered with the Gold Standard quality label. It is also the first in the world that already generated carbon credits, exclusively bought by Myclimate until 2013.

Improved stoves of this PoA have an impact on the three pillars of sustainable development:


Social: health and housing

  • Decreased incidence of acute diarrheal infections (ADIs) and acute respiratory diseases (ARDs).
  • The fight against child malnutrition.

Economic: the fight against poverty

  • Economic return.
  • Savings for fuel: time and money.

Environmental: climate change mitigation

  • Reducing deforestation.
  • Reducing GHG emissions.

Some figures of the QQ PoA are presented below: 



“The Programme of Activities Qori Q'oncha has, in fact, objectives to enable the improvement of living conditions in the rural population, especially in poorest areas. The Ministry of Health welcomes the presence of Qori Q'oncha Programme ..." Laura Prudencio - Ministry of Health (MOH)



Improved stoves included in Qori Q'oncha PoA have helped thousands of families in Peru.